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A Lecturer at the 'Rimon College of Music' in Israel, With over 15 Years of experience in music production.

A published Author, and a specialist in the fields of Video Game Scoring, and Advanced Technological Techniques in Composition.

Researches the connections between music, philosophy, management psychology and education.
-Audio Director and Lead Composer
at AMSTAD DIGITAL (2019-Current)

-Author of the book 'How To Compose Music For Video Games'

Published in Hebrew (2020)

-Video Game Music Lecturer at the Open University's "Hasifa" School for multimedia professions
at the 'Thelma Yelin School of T
he Arts' in Israel  (2021-Current)

-College Lecturer for Composition, Production and Technology
at the 'Rimon College of Music' in Israel  (2020-Current)

-Highschool Music & Tech Teacher

at the 'Thelma Yelin School of The Arts' in Israel  (2022-Current)

-Audio Director and Lead Composer
at Cabochon Games (2017-2020)

-Academic Mentor for the Musical Production Deparment
at the 'Rimon College of Music' in Israel  (2018-2020)

-Studying Composition Arrangement and Conducting
at The 'Rimon College of Music' (2017-2020)

-Audio Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Musical Producer
 at M.A.R.S Music Productions House (2008-2017)

Daniel is the author and the editor of multiple college courses in the fields of music and technology.

Among them: 
  • "Composing Music for Video Games";
  • "The Studio Composer";
  • "Intro To Music Composition";
  • "Audio Development for Video Games";
  • "Advanced Compositional Techniques For 3D and Immersive Audio";
  • "Intro to Music Production" and
  • "Technical Ear Training for Music producers".
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